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How do I read the Settlement or Funding report?

The Settlement Report, sometimes referred to as the Funding Report, contains all funds transferred (credits and debits) with all transactions that are part of a batch sent to the merchant's bank account for the reporting period.

How to Read the Funding Report

The Funding Report consists of individual rows of data. Each row provides one of four types of data:

  • Header
  • Funding Record
  • Item Record, or
  • Trail

Each row contains only one type and begins with a  Record Type Indicator, which conveys the data type. For example, the file header row’s indicator is H while the individual transaction rows have an indicator of I.

Funding Report

Every report begins with the header and ends with the trail.

If an item record is pending (not yet settled), it will appear at the top of the report above the funding records. The pending item records will have an amount of $0, will not have funding trace id, and are included in the report to show status changes that affect future settlements.

Transactions that have settled will appear as item records under a funding record to indicate which batch settlement they were in. There may be multiple funding records per report.

The trail shows how many transactions were part of the report, how many funding records were part of the report, and the total amount settled to the merchant.


For detailed information about the fields and the information contained within the fields, please refer to the Trustly Merchant Settlement & Reconciliation Report guide which can be obtained from your CSM.

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We’re here for you 24/7 via chat, email or by requesting a call back.

Contact our support team

We’re here for you 24/7 via chat, email or by requesting a call back.