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How do I download my reconciliation and settlement reports from the Merchant Portal?

Report Availability

All reports are provided in CSV format and are available at 11 AM UTC Monday-Friday (excluding holidays.)

Note: Funding reports using the EFT rail have an additional Saturday report generated and delivered. Reports are accessible in the merchant portal or from the merchant SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) site.

Accessing Reports on the Merchant Portal

  1. Navigate to the Report tab in Merchant Portal, and then select Reconciliation and Funding Settlement Report.

Report Tab
  1. Select a Start Date and an End Date.

    Note: The report period cannot be greater than 31 days due to the size of the files generated.
    To retrieve transactions or settlements for a specific day, select the following business day.
    Example: Selecting Start Date: 08/23/2022 and End Date: 08/23/2022 will provide all transactions created on 8/22 for the Reconciliation Report and all settlements that occurred on 8/22 for the Funding Report.

  2. Select a Timezone for the report.
    The Timezone option affects only the date and time displayed on the report. It does not determine which transactions are included. Transactions are always retrieved for 12 AM - 11:59 PM UTC for the selected day(s), and then, if you’ve selected a specific time zone, the time is converted from UTC to your selected time zone.


Timezone: default (UTC) 


The transactions are shown in UTC time.




UTC Report


Timezone: US/Eastern


This is the same report showing the same transactions, but the time has been converted to US/Eastern.



EST Report

  1. Select an Output for the report.

    • The Download option will download a zip file to your computer.
    • The SFTP option will generate a zip file on the merchant SFTP.

Contact our support team

We’re here for you 24/7 via chat, text, email or by requesting a call back.

Contact our support team

We’re here for you 24/7 via chat, text, email or by requesting a call back.