July 20, 2023
3 minutes

Introducing the New Trustly Americas Website

Alyssa Cuda

Open Banking Expert

As the fastest-growing region within our global operation, Trustly Americas continues to solidify our leading position in Open Banking by launching our new regional website.

Internally, our teams have more than doubled, our number of bank connectors has grown, and our products have become increasingly efficient and sophisticated. 

More and more merchants have integrated with Trustly, Inc., and consumers increasingly recognize and trust us to process their payments. 

Today, we announce a new Trustly Americas website to better serve our audiences in North America. Our hope with the new website is that merchants, consumers, and partners will find it more intuitive, clearer, and easier to use. Here are some new features and functionalities to check out while you’re here: 

User-Centric Design and Experience 

A major goal of the site redesign was to tailor the content to the needs and feelings of Trustly’s most relevant personas: merchants and consumers. To do this, we’ve adjusted our navigation to get users where they want to go as quickly as possible:

  • Tailored Experiences for Merchants and Consumers - With two distinct homepages and audience-specific content, we can speak directly to merchant pain points while still delivering an experience that resonates with the consumer. 
  • Simplified Navigation - Our top navigation has been redesigned, highlighting our products and creating a more digestible experience by allowing merchants to filter for industry or solution-specific content.
  • Rearchitected Product Lineup - The new website is the official debut of Trustly America’s Open Banking-powered product lineup, including Pay, Payouts, Connect, ID, CashFlow, and Token Authority

Enhanced Support Capabilities 

Delivering pain-free support to merchants and consumers has always been a top priority for Trustly. To ensure top-level support experiences even during high-growth periods, we’ve revamped our support capabilities to deliver the right support resources at the right time. 

  • Business Help Center - Merchants can find resources regarding the Merchant Portal, transactions, collections, and troubleshooting to self-serve when appropriate. 
  • Personal Help Center - Consumers can find resources regarding transactions, outstanding debt, using Trustly, and account management. 
  • Additional Support contact options - When merchants or consumers need to speak with a Trustly Support team member, we’ve added new options to give users additional flexibility—Email, Live Chat, and Call Backs are now available 24/7. 

Modern Look and Feel 

Last but not least: the makeover. We wanted to write and design a site that looks like our product feels: sleek, modern, and streamlined. In addition to consistent and clean brand imagery and iconography, we’ve added contextualized animations to demonstrate the capabilities of our platform. 

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