August 24, 2020
5 Min

PayWithMyBank and Trustly Merged


PayWithMyBank is an online and mobile payment alternative to cards and checks that allows you to pay or get paid using the information you know by heart – your online banking ID and password. We establish a secure connection to your online banking account directly from the site you are on, without ever storing or sharing your information with the site. It’s just between you and your bank.
Your bank authenticates you. We verify your account standing and initiate the payment. We can even autofill shipping forms using your address on file at your bank, saving you significant time.

Payouts, such as insurance claims or gaming winnings, have never been easier. Just go to your insurance provider’s or gaming operator’s site, log into your bank, and accept the deposit. No more waiting for checks in the mail. No more taking pictures of checks or making trips to the bank.

Anyone who banks online can use PayWithMyBank. There’s no account to create, no new password to remember. Your bank provides you with the same security you trust daily for online banking, and you pay or get paid directly with no card numbers to key in or bank numbers to transcribe from a check.

PayWithMyBank reaches more consumers than any other payment type because more people have a bank account than a credit card. Our real-time identity and bank account verification virtually eliminates identity fraud, mis-keying, non-sufficient funds, and other exceptions.
With PayWithMyBank, people enjoy a more convenient and secure payment experience, e-commerce merchants, money movers and gaming operators get a real-time good funds guarantee and save on payment fees, nonprofits put more donation dollars to their cause, and check issuers move disbursements online.

PayWithMyBank clients include Western Union, MoneyGram, Flywire, First Data, UNICEF, United Way, DraftKings, FanDuel and major social media, telecom, and utility companies.

Founded in 2012, PayWithMyBank is located in California’s Silicon Valley. In 2019, we joined forces with Trustly and now provide online banking payments in 30 countries across North America and Europe.

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