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Seamless retrieval of account and routing numbers

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What is modern ACH enrollment?

When it comes to monthly bill payments, your customers want to “set it and forget it.” However, setting up autopay can be a pain. Manually entering payment information or account and routing numbers is cumbersome, prone to error, and vulnerable to expiry dates. With Open Banking technology, autopay enrollment via ACH becomes a breeze. Your customers can seamlessly connect their bank accounts with verified and validated information they already know and which never expires - their online banking credentials.

Autopay TodayAutopay with Open Banking
Manual credit card or account/routing number entry that expires.Seamless bank account linking with no expiration.
Account verification can take days.Account verification in seconds.
Merchant stores payment information for processing.Payment data tokenized and can be refreshed when requested.
Higher cost of acceptance with credit card.Lower acceptance cost with ACH enrollment.

Benefits of autopay using Open Banking include:

  • Reduced friction during enrollment  --> higher enrollment rates
  • Instant account and balance verification
  • Lowered cost of acceptance

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