September 7, 2023
3 min

What Can We Learn From Last Year's Football Season?


Four states legalized sports betting in 2022, and 6 more since January 1st, 2023. With a total of 34 states, more than half of the country can now participate in placing bets for their favorite teams. Payments are a large facet of the player experience. 

As a payment provider, we have invaluable insight into deposit and withdrawal behavior. We recognize that this data can help Operators as they prepare internally for this year’s season. That is why we’ve compiled and analyzed pay-in and payout data in our 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report. Here are some of our takeaways:   

Pay-in and Payout Activity

Pay-in and payout data can help Operators better understand player behavior and adjust operations accordingly. According to our findings, although online gaming platforms are live throughout the week, the average value of daily pay-ins is 65.6% higher on weekends. Additionally, 40% more pay-ins are made during the weekend. 

In contrast, payouts are more evenly distributed throughout the week. Players typically load their wallets on the same day or one day before the week’s starting games on Sunday and expect payouts regularly, meaning that Operators should have a payment solution on their platform that can consistently handle this level of pay-in and payout distribution during the season. 

Understanding player behavior can also allow Operators to identify player thresholds and any chokepoints in the betting process to create better loyalty programs and how to approach players in each state.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the largest sporting event in the US and one of the largest worldwide. It comes as no surprise that players are the most active during Super Bowl weekend. The 2023 Super Bowl saw peak transactions-per-second (TPS) at 192. During this period of peak activity time, Trustly held 100% uptime. 

With larger-than-average deposit values and lots of player activity throughout the day, it’s evident that Operators need a solid payments partner that can process large volumes of transactions with no issues. Furthermore, Super Bowl data is great for Operators to allow them to understand the need for scalability on their platform and how to prepare for days with nearly guaranteed high activity accurately. 

Download Our 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report

With these insights, Operators can take data on general player behavior to assess their payment solution and see how to best prepare for the upcoming football season. Want to find out which states see the most activity or the average values of payouts on the weekend? For more in-depth stats, download our 2022-2023 Football Season Player Insights Report today. 

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