Product & Engineering
Product & Engineering
November 2, 2021
3 Min

Welcome to Trustly's Blog on Engineering

Per Lejontand

SVP Strategic Technology Initiatives

When I joined Trustly nearly nine years ago, I had never worked in fintech, or ever considered doing so. It was simply a corner of the programming field that wasn’t on my radar. I have since learned that in fintech, the business is fast-paced and the engineering is challenging in ways I never imagined it would be. The work we do and the code we write every day moves billions in funds around the world. A daunting and exciting thought for an engineer.

This blog is about giving you a glimpse of our fintech.

Not only that, Trustly is also a company that has always gone its own way. It has pioneered new payment forms and disrupted an established market while also having a unique approach in doing so. From day one, I have worked with some of the most talented and driven people I have ever met.

This blog is also about them and the work they do.

But before we delve into it, let me say this: Working with technology every day, I have come to realize that it’s the community around open source that I really appreciate the most. The openness, the focus on collaboration as well as the natural gravitation towards tinkering. It combines the curiosity of a child with the maturity of grown-up structures to capture the best of both worlds. When you work at a tech company, the choice of technology drives the ecosystem you live in, which in turn, drives the culture internally. That is part of the reason why our technology stack and culture is based on open source components and mindsets.  

With that being said, we hope to share some of the really cool things we do. Sometimes we’ll even talk about the not-so-cool things and the things that are just about getting the job done. 

At Trustly, we’re in a very exciting phase of our engineering. We’ve embarked on a journey of modernizing and overhauling our entire stack by moving into a Kubernetes, Java and PostgreSQL-based microservice architecture in the cloud. With all the bells and whistles. 

We’re doing this to grow as well as to meet the new demands of our product. As an engineer, I’ve got to say that these are the best of times. When a lot of the parts are chopping and changing, it’s the perfect time to share that journey. It’s also the perfect time to join that journey. 

Stay tuned. And, welcome to the Trustly tech blog. 


Per Lejontand 
CTO (2018-2021) and SVP Strategic Technology Initiatives

Per began at Trustly in 2013. After several years as the Head of Architecture, he was appointed the Chief Technology Officer in 2018. Before Trustly, Per worked as the Chief Server Side Architect at Vizrt Sweden and as a consultant at Diversify where he primarily worked with and where he met two of Trustly’s founders. Per studied computer science at Umeå University.

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