Open Banking
July 27, 2020
3 Min

On-Demand Webinar - Nacha's New Account Validation Rule


Everything you need to know to stay compliant with Nacha's new rule

Electronic payments, Direct Debit, Checks, WEB payments, mobile bill payments, merchant deposits, and person-to-person (P2P) apps rely on ACH to facilitate a transfer of funds. To supplement fraud detection standards for all WEB debits, Nacha, the governing body for ACH payments, is introducing a new rule, effective Mar 19, 2021.

The objective of our webinar with Nacha is to update you on everything you need to know about the upcoming Nacha Account Validation rule. During this webinar, we’ll also introduce you to Trustly’s payment solutions and how we can help your organization prepare for this upcoming change in March 2021, and how Online Banking Payments could help you improve your cost of acceptance.

You will discover how clients like AT&T turned compliance into opportunity.

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